T R Freeman aims to ensure that the activities of the company do not have a detrimental effect on the environment, and we actively promote and maintain a high level of environmental performance in compliance with ISO 14001:2015, as detailed in our Environmental Management System, for all of our operations.

We are committed to ensuring that the best environmental practices are implemented at all our sites and offices. Our processes and services are designed to avoid, reduce or control the creation, emission or discharge of any pollutant or waste, in order to reduce adverse environmental impacts.

T R Freeman encourages all persons, suppliers and subcontractors working for, or on behalf of, T R Freeman to establish, implement and maintain environmental policies consistent with our environmental policy, and to ensure that they comply with current environmental legislation

We work closely with the technical teams of the roofing manufacturers whose products we supply and install, in order to minimise waste and apply the materials to the best economic effect.

Many of the roofing materials we use on projects, such as hard metals, are fully demountable and can be re-used, reclaimed, refined and recycled, in some instances indefinitely. We also install green and brown living roof systems which promote biodiversity, minimise the impact of rain on land drains and help to offset the disruption caused by the building’s footprint.

We continually review T R Freeman’s ISO 14001:2015 accredited Environmental Management System to reflect all applicable legislation and regulatory statutory requirements, and integrate these requirements into our decision making and business planning.

Our membership of the main roofing trade associations provides us with a further mechanism for keeping up-to-date with latest legislation and codes of conduct and helps contribute to managing the environmental impact of our services.