Zinc Roofing

Zinc Roofing

We are approved installers for VMZINC® and RHEINZINK®, whose products we use on roofing projects where zinc is required, for their scope and versatility in roof design and application.

VMZINC® is suitable for all roof pitches above 3° and all types of shapes including straight, curved and folded. VMZINC® offers roof, rain screen façade, and rainwater systems as well as accessories and flashings, and unique roofing ornaments.

RHEINZINK® is suited to all roofing shapes and forms including domed, conical, concave and convex, using standing seams as the method of jointing. RHEINZINK® is an alloy of zinc with the addition of titanium and copper, manufactured in a continuous, wide strip casting and rolling process. Cladding systems and rainwater goods in bright and pre-weathered finishes are also available.

Zinc is a popular choice in construction due to its mechanical and aesthetic flexibility. Applied in strips, it can be bent to fit curves with low radiuses, formed into complex shapes, and combines well with other materials such as wood, brick, cement and glass. It has a surface which adopts many hues, depending on the light. Zinc has an exceptionally long life span as it is not sensitive to corrosion; it develops a protective patina, and self-repairs imperfections and scratches.

Environmental Impact

Zinc is a natural, primary material which can be recycled indefinitely and has a low primary energy demand.

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