Maintenance and Refurbishment

Regular monitoring and maintenance of your building is essential to ensure its reliability and efficiency. However, the roof is an area that often gets overlooked until something goes wrong. Problems can range from blocked gutters and leaking roof lights to materials expanding and contracting over time, and general deterioration. The result is unplanned for expenditure and potential downtime from unexpected disruption.

Roofing maintenance and refurbishment services

T R Freeman can service your requirements for all types of pitched and flat roofs. Our highly skilled staff have a wealth of experience in handling almost any conceivable roofing system, and can accurately diagnose the problem and provide a cost effective solution.

T R Freeman is the contractor you can rely on to keep your roof in good working order. We provide:

Planned Preventative Maintenance – we can review your roof on a regular basis as part of maintenance programme, or as a one-off Refurbishment Works – from a small repair through to a full strip and re-roof, as well as response to emergency call-outs

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